Holder in Contempt of Congress

To My Friend who does not want to discuss politics,

Sorry Friend, it is political, but it is philosophical and much of it is meant for you.  One of your quotes is included.  Sorry, I just had to include you on this list this time.   And after all, I respect your wishes so many of the other times.  You have no idea how many emails you are not getting. J   It is kind of like the Occupy Group; the Press said, “Thousands came out.”   But, the truth they left out was, “Millions didn’t.”  Of course the, “thousands” that were out, were out already.

If you are getting this, you are on my email list of special people.  Lucky you, huh?

But, many of you who receive this already know what I am about to say.  And others who receive this also know the gist of what I am about to say, but may be wise to consider it beyond their preconceived ideas about my ideologies.  Some on this list, to whom I write, I have clearly in mind.   I will make no apologies for what is written below.  It is an essay of sorts.  The purpose of an essay is to entertain, inform and persuade.  And, even though I am the author of these thoughts, they are pretty darn important, this time.

Anyway, who is going to read this?  If one or all does not, it only proves the point.  Too long, too much trouble and as one person told me, “I just want to watch the minnows nibble at my toes.  What difference does it make?”  Well, if you vote it may.  Or, if you vote, maybe you shouldn’t.

The following or attached forward is just one more piece of evidence about the Media Matrix.  There is a petition to sign that is attached.  I signed it.

For those among you who are pacifists; there is no excuse to be a pacifist.  In fact, not being a pacifist is a moral obligation, because being a pacifist is a self-indulgent activity.   This I write to a few specific friends and family.    For others who still think Obama is worthy this is to help you from becoming a de-facto pacifist.   You’re uniformed and you vote.   Sounds like the makings for a good bumper sticker.

There are two fundamental “rights” we have in America:  one the “presumption of innocence,” and two, the right to vote.

Many other countries do not have the presumption of innocence when the government brings charges.  These are mostly communist countries and Middle Eastern countries.  Gee, and there are those among us who want to move us farther to the East, I mean the Left.   I think it is interesting that the “East” and the “Left” are so diametrically opposed to each other that they are both attacking us.  We are those who are in the middle and of rational thought for the time being.

It has been proposed that we should remove the presumption of innocence.  Interestingly, this was proposed by someone who frequently speaks on the “Right,” but with whom I frequently take issue.   Just because he is on the Right doesn’t make him right.  In fact, there are several on the Right that get just a little too carried away with themselves.  I am not going to say who he is but I think he is a “bonehead,” which is a universally accepted technical term.  We cannot remove the presumption of innocence.   End of commentary on issue number one.

The other American right is the right to vote and it is a little more interesting, or debatable.   Am I kidding you?

Felons while in prison lose their right to vote until their debt to society is paid.  This seems reasonable, but I think we are beginning to see a problem.  You are going to think this is a radical position, but I am not so sure everyone should automatically have the right to vote.  One should have to pass a test every four years or so in order to demonstrate that they know what the blazes they are doing.

The only problem with this is that we will rely on education and information and we already know is both are twisted and manipulated.   At the very least, citizens should have to show that they are involved in the process.  They should be members or contributors (I am not talking about money) to the process, a party of their choice.  This is because where a person’s purse is, so is his heart.  There needs to be more involvement.   We cannot let what is happening to America happen because we have 50% or more of the people sitting around on their collective asses not knowing what the “H” is going on.

It is one thing if Americans vote to change our system and if they do so in as an informed body.  After all, the Revolution of 1640 (England) was a Progressive movement.  It fundamentally changed the country (the world really) from Feudalism to a Free Enterprise system.   Progressives were Capitalists.  Today Progressives are Socialists and Marxists.  Of course, and in keeping with my theme, most of them don’t know it.  Most of them don’t know what the hell they are or what they are doing.   Most of them don’t know that this move is a reversal of that English Revolution.  It all really started there and even before with Columbus, but it was the U.S. that gave it legs.

I laugh certain people call themselves Progressives.  Har-de-har, har, har.  See.  All they are is trend followers.  It is the trendy thing to do, “Let’s be like Europe.  Europeans are doing okay with their health care.”  Too bad, it is not sustainable.  Europe is bankrupt and now we want to follow their example.   Why do so many wealthy Europeans come here for treatment?     People who call themselves “Progressives” are either idiots or Marxists.  That’s my opinion.  I don’t know each and every one of them personally, but, in general, I am inclined to say such is the case.

Look at the last election.  Americans, especially white Americans rushed to the polls eager to demonstrate that they have moved beyond racism.  All other things being equal, this would not have been such a bad gesture.  I would agree with it.  But, little did they know what baggage came along with the package.   This happened because we (they) didn’t know what the hell we (they) were doing.  And, as is the point of this attachment, the Press (Media Matrix) wasn’t about to tell us.   Case at point the Breitbart story and ACORN.  AND HOW ABOUT THIS QUOTE FROM CBS’s PRESIDENT, “PARTISANSHIP IS VERY MUCH A PART OF JOURNALISM.”

Are you kidding me?  Is this what journalism has become?

BO’s administration became a matter of competence and character and legitimacy that is now “white washed” in the name of political correctness.  We have elected a person who is not qualified on many levels and whose mission is, in his own words, “To fundamentally change America.”  Did America need some changing?  Did we need improvements in the healthcare system?  Do we need to find better ways to “spread the wealth?”  In most cases, the answer is yes and probably, but such changes are not fundamental changes.  A Fundamental change is much bigger.   That is the fundamental change our President was talking about.  He is talking about changing all of society.  He is talking about changing our core beliefs.  He is not what he appeared to be, but he is what he has been revealed to be.   To use the phrase he has coined so often, “Let me be clear.”  This commentary is not, however, as much an anit-Obama statement as it is statement of distinction and demarcation between ideologies.  Mr. Obama (“BO” for expediency) is not the enemy (per se) he is merely the flag bearer for an ideology that has already proven to fail and one that will eventually lead us into a totalitarian state.

I don’t hate BO, (now is the time for me to inject a little humor: “Aren’t you glad you used Dial; don’t you wish everyone would?”  Okay it was a LITTLE humor, very little) he is just operating under the “end justifies the means,” kind of philosophy.   How far this modus operandi will take him is still up for speculation, but we have already seen some unprecedented moves by the Executive branch.  These moves are arguably unconstitutional.  This then is the legitimate argument against BO as a President.  He recently trumped the Republicans by by-passing Congress to initiate Marco Rubio’s immigration policy by Executive order.  This should have gone thru Congress where it would have no doubt taken on the name, “The Rubio Act,” or some such thing.    If they are so smart, why didn’t they think of it?   Executive orders are become like the Emperor’s Edicts.   We have a problem, believe it or not, Ripley.   I have not sent it out yet, but in my next novel that I am not going to write, End of America Scenario, (I have not sent it out because that name is already taken.) this is exactly what will happen.  This President will declare Martial Law.  All the pieces are already in place under the Patriot Act and other Acts.  There is even a committee already provided for, but not appointed or staffed yet.  Guess who does the appointing.

In summary, BO represents an ideology that, in most of our opinions (and I think I can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt), goes against American values and what we would want in order to achieve personal liberty and “fair play.”   It is not BO personally; it is his ideology.   His recent policies have been disingenuous (e.g.: health care reform had little to do with health care and a lot to do with “fundamentally changing” America, i.e.: Control.  The health care plan only made health care worse for the majority of Americans).   And, while Mr. Obama is only trying to achieve his goals, he is going about it in a rather devious manner.  He is doing all this in the face of a tremendous amount of objection.  He is deaf to his opposition.  It is one thing to press the agenda of your constituents, and for your ideologies, but it is quite another thing when your non-constituents are nearly in the majority.  The current president should be seeking consensus and finding common ground to unite the people as he said he would do when he campaigned.  But, he has done just the opposite.  If racism in this country had any breath at all he has made sure it was given resuscitation.

I am sorry to say, to those of you who voted for BO and who still think he is worthy of re-election and who are dug in on supporting him, that you are making a grave mistake, that may well send us back into a new kind of feudal system for the next one thousand years.  It may not affect you much right now, but it will affect your children and grandchildren.   And this, my friend, is the argument against being a pacifist.

Now for that nearly unrelated forward article below.  Please note the very first word of the article.  It is not describing pacifists:

And now for another moment of quick reflection, hmmmm, do I send this or not?  Hmmm,   Ah, what the “H.”

Good news, someone who is tired of my emails is going to make me a Blog.  Then if you want to know something from nothing it is at your choice.  More about that later.

  From the Desk of:
David   Martin, Executive Vice President
Media Research Center
June 18, 2012

Dear Terry,

Informed Americans are disgusted by our own government giving   guns to Mexican gangs under the Fast and Furious program.  We at MRC   Action are also disgusted by the media’s shameful cover-up of this scandal,   and our outrage has reached a tipping point.

This scandal is spiraling out of control with Congress   scheduling a vote to hold the U.S. Attorney General in contempt for withholding   evidence of his involvement in this scandal from Congress. Holder himself is   calling this contempt vote a “Constitutional Crisis.” But what is the liberal   media calling it? Nothing. They can’t be bothered to report on this historic   scandal.

Tens of thousands of you have already signed our petition   demanding that the media report the truth about this scandal. If you haven’t   done so yet, click   here to join the fight against the media’s Fast and Furious blackout!

The historic Congressional   vote will take place this Wednesday, June 20. We will deliver your petitions   to ABC, NBC and CBS that same day!

The Fast and Furious scandal led to the murder of a U.S.   border patrol agent, but the   derelict media have shown little or no interest in reporting this story   because they don’t want to embarrass the Obama Administration during this   critical election cycle. They’re playing politics and blatantly shirking   their duties as journalists.

The Media Research Center’s CNSNews.com   has thoroughly covered this story, informing the American people and   holding the Obama Administration accountable. It is unacceptable and   disgraceful that the Big Three news networks have not followed our lead.

All signatures will go the the printers at 5 PM ET on TUESDAY, JUNE 19.  We   will be delivering the petitions to ABC,   NBC and CBS THIS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20. This gives us just 24   hours to get more patriotic conservatives to demand that the media stop   covering up Obama’s scandals.

If you already signed the petition demanding that the liberal   media Tell the Truth about Fast and Furious, thank you! We only ask that you   please forward the petition to you friends and family to give them the   opportunity to hold the media accountable for keeping Americans in the dark   about a massive scandal that put lives in danger on both sides of the U.S.   Mexico border.

If   you haven’t signed the petition yet, please do so now! The so-called   “news” media must be reminded that millions of patriotic Americans won’t   stand for such brazen politically-driven manipulation of the news.

The media’s goal is to protect the Obama Administration. We   have 24 hours to let them know that this is unacceptable to millions of   Americans, who want the media to stop serving as the chief propagandists   for the Obama Administration.

Thank you.

David Martin


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