Marco Rubio came up with a strategy for handling illegal immigrants in the country.  It was only at the conceptual level but it was an attempt to solve a problem and it seemed to be reasonable and it may very well be the seed of a complete solution.  The only thing remaining was presenting it, researching it and its ramifications and getting it through Congress.

The Administration recognized the Rubio plan as a vote getter from the Hispanic Community.  Consequently, without the research or due process, the President issued an edict (Executive Order) and made it his own idea.  This Administration has no ideas of its own that do not include Marxist concepts.  Where were the Democrats? Could it be they were chasing other votes.  It took a son of Cuban immigrants to come up with this idea, because he had a heart for the people and chasing votes was not his first concern.

Unfortunately, the follow-up research, debate and due process was needed.  Now there are problems.  As always the Devil is in the details.  Rubio would have and could still follow this plan and get it into an executable policy level.  But, don’t be surprised if this Administration tries to hijack it like it has done on the original plan.

The solution to illegal immigration is to make legal immigration more attractive.  Find the kind of people we need in this country and incentivize them.  Make the process more reasonable.  Then the only ones left trying to get in the country illegally will be criminals by any other standard.  I just wonder if that is not what we already have in many of these cases.

Evaluation:   This action by the Administration is evidence of a power mongering President buying votes by any means, even unethical and it is an Administration without any practical solutions of its own.  It reveals Mr. Obama’s lack of leadership, ideas and presidential demeanor.

Conclusion relative to the Presidential election:  This one incident will not  dissuade Mr. Obama’s supporters and, all other things equal, it may not change the minds of others to vote against him,  but all other things are not equal.  This is just one of many on a long list of failures and negative characteristics of this President and his administration.


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