Indictment Against Fast and Furious

FAST and FURIOUS is just one among many transgressions and acts of incompetence of this Administration, including and especially Mr. Obama.  This kind of misdeed alone would be enough to throw any Republican out of office, and yet the polls show Obama in the lead.  What is wrong with the American people? It is my contention that we have lost our way on many levels but, most importantly on a moral level.  We are a country that is becoming not only financially bankrupt but morally bankrupt.  We can no longer distinguish between right and wrong.  We have been given over to reprobate minds and we only see it as non-consequential, subjective differences of opinion.  There are many examples of it in our justice system, but I will cite only one, abortion.  This is obviously and clearly wrong. It is murder and we are misguided by our leadership, who buys votes, that it is merely a matter of “choice.”  We may not eat our young, not yet, but we are murdering them.  How can a country or a species survive under these circumstances?  It can’t and just because the consequences are not immediate, does not mean they are nonexistent.


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