“It” Does Not Matter

I am tempted to over simplify things with, “It does not matter who wins the election.”  Of course this has a certain amount of shock value.  How could anyone on either side say such a thing?  Maybe it may be said because it is true, but in it present form it makes and assumption and consequently lacks clarity and is controversial if not confrontational.

Here is the clarification.  It is kind of like Clinton said, to paraphrase, “It depends upon what your definition of ‘it’ is.”  Democrats never cease to provide us with a new and amusing way of distorting reality.  In this case, I mean that “it” means something in terms of eternal issues and the matters of our character and soul.

Certainly, how we will live our lives and what opportunities we will have or have not, will depend on who wins the election.  Although my personal persuasion is that the country is head for a different kind of big trouble if Obama is elected than the kind of big trouble it is headed for if Romney is elected.  Oh, don’t misunderstand.  I think Romney will be better for the country as a whole and on the long-term than Obama.  This is really quite clear, but the pit is so deep now that it is not going to take years to dig out; it is going to take generations.

This brings me back on point.  If one has any concept of a Superior Being he surely must recognize that this Being has a purpose for human existence.  I am not sure we completely understand what that purpose is, but certainly, this Being is not just whimsical, or capricious.  Although, it is obvious the Being has a sense of humor.  The Being, by definition of what it means to be God, must have a purpose and by definition, must be in control in some ultimate way.

Let’s also make the premise that, since we exist, we are part of that purpose and that he is using our time in this physical dimension to conform us into what ever it is that he wants us to be.  Admittedly, that premise requires some assumptions, but if we are ever going to get to the end of this article we must make some assumptions for expediency.

My point is that we are here and that no matter what happens, the things that do happen are all meant to bring us to a pre-calculated destination in terms of our character, emotions and intellect.

We know from the evidence left by the Being, that we are created in his image.  That does not mean we look like him.   He does not have arms or legs, but he is not handicapped.  He is a Spirit.

We are like him in three ways, one He and we have intellect.  We can reason.  He and we have emotions, we can feel sadness and joy and maybe regret.  But, all these are balanced by the third element, character.

God gives us our intellect to use to control our emotions and our character to respond and create in a way that is consistent with His order.

From my perspective, I see the next election as a turning point in history by which man will be purified one way or another.  He will either be purified by revelation and a change in consciousness (there is a lot of talk about “consciousness” these days) or he will be purified by tribulation.

“Consciousness,” as it is being used, is really nothing more than change, or turning from one awareness to another.  Many think this is a new understanding by mankind.  But it is not new, it used to be called “repentance.”

If by tribulation, it may very well be the Great Tribulation.  While not all the pieces are in place they are certainly on the table and could come together quickly.

From my perspective one thing is certain, we will get the government, leadership and destiny we deserve.

Should I close with, “Good luck,” or “Bring it on?”



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4 responses to ““It” Does Not Matter

  1. love it! just returned from a round of beer where the US elections were being discussed by an Indian (myself) and an Austrian :) and the thing we had in common? both ex-leftists now on the right!


  2. So let’s see if we have this right. Obama takes Seven billion of our money to pay for his “Affordable Health Act” (AHA), then our trust account (Medicare) is inadequate to fund our needs.
    At the same time AARP spent 1.2 billion in lobbying to get the Act passed. And the new guidelines (payment of benefits to us) on Medicare and under the AHA we have gaps in coverage.
    But, we are saved, becuase guess who offers suplimental insurance that we can buy to cover those gaps in coverage.
    I won’t tell you but it begins with an A and ends with a P.
    Begins with and A and Ends with a P must stand to make a lot of money if they invested 1.2 billion to get the AHA past.
    Some people don’t care to investigate this, they just keep voting the same Democrats into the office. Did you know that many Democrats were not in favor of this, but they are bound by the Party Line. Payola.


  3. Margie Gray

    Enjoyed the read. All of what you said I basically agree. Also the Dems never give us anything new. It is always gloom and doom if we don’t vote for them. Now 1.7 million illegals are in line today, so they are no longer afraid to be deported (costing the taxpayers $585 million)and Obama has robbed Medicare of 716 Billion and put it in Obama Care.


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