Heard on the Street

Sorry that I had to borrow this old title from the Wall Street Journal, but it is more of a reality than it is a heading for a routine column.

I heard that Obama saved (nationalized) GM last year.  Today, GM’s debt has increased by 24 billion dollars.  Aren’t we glad that as taxpayers we now own this company.  We are each now on the hook for another $83,333 dollars.  You can just deduct this from your next net worth calculation.

But, the good news is that we have created jobs because the government is funding GM’s new manufacturing facilities being constructed in China.  Oh, you didn’t know.  It’s okay, they are Chinese jobs, because we don’t need no stinking jobs here in America.  We got aid.



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2 responses to “Heard on the Street

  1. the government is becoming too big!I hate it when a country that does not respect international trading policies, artificially controls its currency and calls itself communist uses free market capitalism to profit…and whats worse? we let it do it!


  2. Commenting on my own comment. I guess I don’t mind China getting the jobs. That way they can start taking care of us. Our whole country can become recipients. I’m excited! I am going to put on a baseball cap and get in the soup line. Wait, China has work quotas. We can’t get our free stuff if we don’t complete our work quota each day. We don’t get to go home until our quota is met each day. Sounds reasonable.


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