I disagree!!!  The multi-party concept (more than two) was debunked long ago.  More than two parties fragments the people into ineffective, overly specialized minorities.

Anything more than a two-party system will produce a takeover by a well-organized totalitarian groups.  Please read and understand what happened in 1921 Germany.  It is the same thing all over again.  “Those who do not know (this) history, are doomed to repeat it,” WHO SAID IT?

Please, read this except.

During 1931 and into 1932, Germany’s political crisis deepened. In March 1932 Hitler ran for President against the incumbent President Paul von Hindenburg, polling 30.1% in the first round and 36.8% in the second against Hindenburg’s 49 and 53%. By now the SA had 400,000 members, and its running street battles with the SPD and KPD paramilitaries (who also fought each other) reduced some German cities to combat zones. Paradoxically, although the Nazis were among the main instigators of this disorder, part of Hitler’s appeal to a frightened and demoralised middle class was his promise to restore law and order. Overt antisemitism was played down in official Nazi rhetoric, but was never far from the surface. Germans voted for Hitler primarily because of his promises to revive the economy (by unspecified means), to restore German greatness and overturn the Treaty of Versailles, and to save Germany from communism.

On 20 July 1932, the Prussian government was ousted by a coup—the Preussenschlag, and a few days later at the July 1932 Reichstag election the Nazis made another leap forward, polling 37.4% and becoming the largest party in the Reichstag by a wide margin. Furthermore, the Nazis and the KPD between them won 52% of the vote and a majority of seats. Since both parties opposed the established political system, and neither would join or support any ministry, this made the formation of a majority government impossible. The result was weak ministries governing by decree. Under Comintern directives, the KPD maintained its policy of treating the SPD as the main enemy, calling them “social fascists“, thereby splintering opposition to the Nazis.[58] Later, both the SPD and the KPD accused each other of having facilitated Hitler’s rise to power by their unwillingness to compromise.

There is a solution, get off your backsides and get involved in transforming the party that is already most closely aligned with your own ideology.  I don’t care if it is Right or Left.  Then, work, work, work, to decentralized government.  We cannot have our freedoms taken or be oppressed by a totalitarian state like the one that existed in Germany if we do not allow there to be an overly empowered central government.

Remember, the bigger the government, the smaller the people. This is not just some ideological platitude or mere rhetoric.

Keep governance local, we don’t need snow plows in Miami or surfboards in Denver.  The locals know what is best for the locals.

At this very point in time the Federal (Central) Government is transitioning into an all-powerful authority, while State’s rights are diminishing.  Your rights are next.   We need to understand the issues and pull our collective heads out of that comfortable place where the sun don’t shine.



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3 responses to “WHO SAID?

  1. Margie Gray

    Another good read… I remember these things that Hitler did, but I do forget and it’s great to read again and keep everything in perspective. I pray in November everything will go well and people will see the light. Believe it or not I find myself dumb founded by my friends and classmates that will vote for a President for only one thing that they want to happen or like. I usually vote for what is best for the people and country and not for just one thing that I like. I just sit back in disbelief.


  2. here’s what I commented a minute back on SP’s post:
    you only need to look at the multi-party system in India to reject the idea. Up until 1985, India was for all practical purposes a 2 party democracy. 1990s ushered in an era of regional parties gaining popularity by working up regional sentiments. As a result, the 2 National parties have lost their stronghold on Federal Policies. Currently we have 7 national parties and close to 50 significant regional parties that contest elections in their respective states.The ruling federal government is a coalition of 10 parties!We are very close to becoming a banana republic because no decision is implemented on time. Small parties place regional interests ahead of national well being.Vote Bank politics overshadows logical reasoning.
    While I am in favor of inclusive politics, I do not unfortunately,see good examples of multi-party democracy anywhere in the world.


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