Movie Review: 2016 Obama’s America

This, the second attempt to write my review of 2016 Obama’s America, (2016).  It gets too long, even for me.  Let’s try again.

Love him or hate him, you need to know him.  There is no risk to reading this (or seeing 2016), but there is a risk to not reading it.

I’m still reflecting and am up against a wall.  No doubt, but understandably, my comments will be interpreted as biased, in spite of my conscious effort toward objectivity.

A “MUST SEE” falls short of an accurate characterization, as well as level of recommendation, for 2016.  I fear this recommendation will get lost in the chatter of so many earlier admonishment.  But here is the dilemma, the mainstream media, and even many of the movie ads sections of the newspaper, are not giving this movie the press it deserves.  So, it is up to me, and those like me, as is so often the unwelcome case.

If 2016 was a Left-Wing ideology presentation, viewing it would be mandated.  This movie should be mandated as a civic responsibility.  If you love him or hate him, you need to know him.

Remarkably, and somewhat off-point, it is out grossing the big productions in terms of “per screen” revenues.  Meaning, a butt-load of people are viewing this movie and the statistics on this are incredible.

For brevity’s sake, let me try a bullet point method:

  • Premise: If one (or many)is going to achieve or at least strive for that “Reasonable Society,” it is expeditious to understand the other side’s perspective.  This is not a football game where forceful pounding of an opinion on the other side gains ground.  2016 is not an attack on Obama, it is a definition of how and/or why he is motivated and his agenda.
  • Obama’s practices, policies and actions don’t seem to fit any rational behavior that we understand.  The Right, the Left, and the left-out, Democrats, Republicans and Independents have been scratching their heads.  His actions are not acknowledged by liberals and are given a pass by the Press, but for those who are monitoring life in the Loop, Obama remains an enigma.  Could this be why Hillary said that Obama’s agenda is too socialistic?
  • Consequently, to try to understand what motivates Obama, D’Souza (professor and author of 2016) has taken on the mystery and task of finding an answer.
  • D’Souza’s background mirrors Obama’s background in many ways giving him a unique platform and insight into Obama’s perception of the world and the US.  He gets it when it comes to Anti-colonialism.
  • D’Souza does not question Obama’s citizenship and in fact, he affirms his birth in Hawaii.
  • We, in the US, have little appreciation or even knowledge of Anti-colonialism.  I venture to say that many reading this are going to Google Search right now to find out what it is.  D’Souza and Obama, both grew up under the rule of Colonialist ideology.  In 2016 the case for Anti-colonialism is made in the voice of Obama’s uncle, though it is rejected by D’Souza and embraced by Obama.
  • Anti-colonialism has its points, but they are rather shallow, naïve and, most significantly, without introspect or accepting of one’s own personal responsibility.  There is another side, a positive side, to Colonialism that is rarely conceded.  This realization is better recognized in India than in Kenya, which could explain Obama’s perspective.  I have some other thoughts, but not worthy for this piece.
  • 2016 also presents counter points on itself in the form of comments and criticisms from the Press and some Democrats.  Especially revealing are the comments from Diane Rehm and Joe Biden.  For once, I understand what Biden is trying to say, but he and Rehm have such extreme left hinged imaginations they are not able embrace objectivity.
  • D’Souza makes the case that the Anti-colonialism agenda is Obama’s priority above all other aspects of life.  I would say above life itself.  An Anti-colonial agenda is really the only model that adequately and convincingly explains Obama’s decisions, actions and attitudes.
  • 2016 credits Obama as a quick-study and insightful.  He is not an idiot as he sometimes appears.  He is intelligent and quite shrewd.
  • The fear (at least mine) is that Obama, by following his agenda with blinders on, is sacrificing the American ideal (dream) and way of life, while replacing it with dreams from his father.  In fact, that is part of his agenda.  Let’s make all equal; if we can’t raise them, we lower ourselves.  It is not the American concept of E pluribus Unum, it is the concept of all equal.  All equal leaves out personal responsibility and aspirations for achieving.
  • This is not a part of 2016; it is my Second fear.  Obama’s prioritization of Anti-colonialism has led him to breach and violate numerous Constitutional provisions.  I hope you are not in denial about this fact.  With this kind of record, Obama is no longer an enigma, nor are we in the dark about how far he will go to advance his agenda.  If he chooses to do so, provisions in the Patriot Act and provisions recently added by this administration, will allow Obama to declare a form of national Martial Law.  His administration will be able to deny citizens their citizenship and the due process of law that goes with it.  What does this mean?  Can you say, FEMA camp?


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7 responses to “Movie Review: 2016 Obama’s America

  1. hi! would love your thoughts on this post I have written. Have put forward a case for small governments by sighting examples from my own land


  2. marty

    As an older woman, I am aware of what the agenda of obama entails… gov’t with soros lurking close in the background……obama the narcissist truely believes HE knows what is best for the Republic……he wishes to change the whole perspective of the citizens of the US and he is succeeding, in some parts….he is successfully dividing the Country …..he is eroding the moral structure of this Country and pitting American against American…..a Country divided cannot stand… would surprise me greatly if the US were not put under martial law this winter…..after the election….prepare yourselves, it is going to be a VERY bumpy ride……


  3. I like your phrase “All equal leaves out personal responsibility and aspirations for achieving.” Tells me everything I need to know to be sure you’re grounded in the ideology of realism, not utopianism. I’m with you. That phrase is very similar to the theme of a long comment I left on another fella’s blog yesterday. Here was one of my sentences: “I believe the main focus should be on how to help “needy” people in ways that will not permanently suppress their natural human aspiration for self achievement and self sufficiency. We should NOT be trying to find new ways to force the rich to pay for a permanent safety net that, for many recipients, becomes a comfortable hammock.” If you care to see the whole thread, here it is:

    On a side note while I’m here, I tried to answer your question on yet another fella’s blog today (, but I suffered a sudden drop in IQ when I replied to the overall article, which left my answer disconnected from your question. You asked who I interviewed recently on my blog. The answer is Krista Kafer. Please see

    A new follower,
    – Jeff


    • Ah yes, I got your answer. I was going to follow up and will. Thank you for reading and following.


      • I saw 2016 today. I left feeling pretty sobered and mildly cranky, though the mood wore off soon on the drive home.

        You said:
        “Anti-colonialism has its points, but they are rather shallow, naïve and, most significantly, without introspect or accepting of one’s own personal responsibility. There is another side, a positive side, to Colonialism that is rarely conceded. This realization is better recognized in India than in Kenya, which could explain Obama’s perspective. I have some other thoughts, but not worthy for this piece.”

        Maybe I’ll prime your pump a little….
        As I learned from his book “A Conflict of Visions,” there is a category of people that Thomas Sowell calls “unconstrained.” Among many traits, one is that they believe inherently and unthinkingly in the grand goodness of centralized control of societies, and in the existence of hugely gifted intellectual leaders that are smart enough to run everything for the rest of us. They latch onto any theme that gives them a strategic in-road to sieze and utilize that kind of smothering nannyist power. Whether it’s economic master-planning, climate control, world health, education, anti-war, whatever. So I guess I just add “anti-colonialism” to that list of causes that can be exploited. Whatever the compelling issue is at particular time and place (“never let a crisis go to waste”) that causes an emotional unease in the populace, it is exploited as a catalyst to get large numbers of sheeple to cede power to a small number of saviors. Then watch out.

        I started my blog about a month ago, with 8 articles so far. I’m looking forward to describing and discussing more concepts from Dr. Sowell’s book about “unconstrained” vs. “constrained” visions of societies and governments. I’d be thrilled if you would participate, Terry.
        – Jeff


  4. Margie Gray

    Enjoyed your comments, don’t know if I will see 2016 yet.. I did read his books. Dreams of my Father and Audacity of Hope. Not a Obama fan and after reading his books, which I feel someone else more of less wrote half the book.(Dreams of my father). What he is doing, is slowing changing our country, a little at a time.


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