Just Hand Me Your Liberty and Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Obama  may not always be honest (Har, I made a joke), but unlike the
Administration he promised, he is quite transparent, albeit unwittingly.

How stupid does he think we are, or how presumptuous is he, when  he tells us what to do or not to do regarding the cautions that we could  be in danger of an overreaching government. This is classic con man  strategy, disarming his mark before the strike.

The Left has been smart enough for these last forty years to manipulate  us, and popular opinion in order to put Obama in place in the White  House using these tactics.

Meanwhile, Conservatives have just  been going to work every day with their minds on personal survival and  success. All the while these Radicals have been following Alinsky’s  Rules to take over the nation.

If you read the history and  relationships of all the people in power and position of the current  Administration, and take note of who is no longer in their positions, it becomes obvious that there has already been a complete change in  the ideology that guides our nation or at least the leadership level,  where it counts most. And the leadership is finding every way it can to  circumvent the protections of the Constitution.

Obama’s time  and terms will soon be up and it will be interesting to see what  measures he and his mob will to retain control. Look for radical, maybe  even violent, things to happen. Make a note, here and now, on your  calendar that Obama will push through and sign the UN Arms Trade and  Treaty Agreement (ATT).  Then the Senate will not do their duty to  reject it because Harry Reid will not bring it up for a vote. It will  then automatically go into effect.

The ATT voluntarily  subordinates our Constitution to the rule of the UN and we will have  lost our Constitutional rights and sovereignty as a nation. Folks, do you think this sound radical?  Do you think this is not the  conspiracy that Obama is telling us does not exist? Do you think this is  too big and cannot happen, not here, not in America? THINK AGAIN! It is  big and it is happening.

If Obama signs this ATT, there is  nothing legally or constitutionally that can do to change it. If he does  NOT sign it, our struggle goes on. If he does sign it, the nature of our struggle changes and goes on; there will no longer be a viable,  legal course of action available through only discourse and debate.

I have more on this, but not here, not now.  Suffice it to add, as we  get closer a defining moment and the more I research, the easier it  becomes to project a logical chain of events.  The speculations of a  cataclysmic conflict become a more realistic possibility, even though we  are warned, “You should reject those voices.”


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