Let’s See if This Gets Any Traction

Using the true premise that a country is better off when its populace is better educated, makes for a specious argument when it comes to “free education.”  Those who argue for free education have neither taken the trouble to look beyond “free” to understand what makes this argument specious, nor would have the ability to do so, nor benefit from a free education if it were given to them.

First, nothing is free.  If one gets an education and does not pay for it himself, he is “free-loading” his or her education.  Someone else, probably you and me, is paying or it.

Second, things that are “free” are less appreciated, meaning they are given less respect and less commitment.  It’s a generalization, but think about it, if you spend time and money on something and lose it, you spend more effort to retrieve it than if it was free anyway, “no big loss.”    One is more likely to burn the midnight oil to make the grade, if there is a cost involved.  When there’s no cost, no big deal, just another way to kill some time.  This is why the argument is specious, in most cases.  There are exceptions.

The people who have not in some way made a sacrifice for an education are more likely not to get a real education; they will just under-perform and end up in the same place in the end, or worse yet, in a government job managing a line you and I have to wait in.

But, there’s more.  If the “free” education is granted to the undeserving or worse, the undisciplined, the quality of the product goes down.  Consequently, with poor results, less funding is available.  The tempting, real, solution is to lower standards, in which case everyone becomes a loser, because the accountability is limited to zero.

The added negative is that the so-called “education” has become an indoctrination with schools, such as the University of Missouri, where freedom of speech, and diversity of thought are inhibited, even banned, from “safe spaces.”  How is this an education?

Universities merely become incubators and fertilized hot beds for the breeding of more intolerant Leftists, will go out and become indoctrinated, not thinking, poorly equipped voters who don’t even know the history of this country.  We’ve seen it time and time again.

No wonder Bernie and his Marxist bears want free education.  It controls the thought and ideology of a dependent, enslaved class that keeps them in power.  The tragedy is that those who are deserving and those who have paid their own way, through currency or scholarships, are limited by and exposed to only the liberal drivel taught on these campuses.  There are limited and few opportunities to hear another opinion.

So, while an educated populace has merit and worth pursuit, “Free” is not an answer, at least not outside of some other qualifying performance and discipline.


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