Hello Gang!

This is a free blog from Word Press, consequently you may see ads that are not of my choosing. 

I used to couldn’t spell Blogger, now I are one.  I said that I was going to start a Blog and here it is.

The reason for this Blog is so I can stop annoying friends with my emails and still get some things off my chest and/or enlighten the unenlightened, know the unknowable and unscrew the inscrutable.

On this Blog there will be topics about politics (ugh), ultimate issues and humor.  There will also be a good deal of references to books and articles that are a “must read,” if you are going to be worthy……of anything.


14 responses to “Hello Gang!

  1. Bunny Blaine

    Geesh, my name in print!!


  2. Zollo

    Very nice looking forward to your borage of email – oh were will I find all the extra time


  3. Nelli

    Well, I found it! I can’t promise I will read this but it’s nice to know I can find you when I want to catch up. I appreciate your passion on the issues. Looking forward to the sitcoms. – Nelli


  4. R

    Well, for starters, it’s a great name! Looking forward to your stories. R


  5. In a word, “yes.”


  6. Barbara

    This should be a good avenue for you!


  7. DParker

    This is a first for me, for you (maybe). All looks good! Aunt D


    • My first time as well. I am still having trouble managing the pages and posts and do not seem to be able to upload the right picture. I like this format but may change it, yet again.


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