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It May Already Be Too Late

This article is inspired by the article from The Blaze that “Freedom of Religion is a Western Idea.”  See the link below.

We are being attacked from the Left by Marxists and from the right by intolerant Islam, although to call Islam as being “on the Right” is something of a perversion.

There are people in this country who have been blessed by this American experiment, but they don’t seem to realize that the liberties and prosperity they enjoy are possible because of the unappreciated and under appreciated Constitution they would change because they see it as a dynamic living document.
This kind of thinking will only result in a loss of the very values that have given them the kind of freedoms never before enjoyed by any civilizations on earth.  And, this kind of thinking is what the totalitarians are counting on to put them in power.
If the eroding of the Constitution is continued it will be impossible for the people to rise up and regain their liberty.  Something needs to be done NOW to change this trend.  The technology of our time will give the totalitarian state complete control over every aspect of life.
My fear is that it is already too late.  If the government wanted to do it, they could completely shut-down our freedoms today and they could do it under the auspices of unconstitutional laws already in existence in the Patriot Act and the Affordable Health Care Act.
The big question today is what is the loyalty of those who are charged with the protection of the people and the country, those who are armed?


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