Just Hand Me Your Liberty and Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Obama  may not always be honest (Har, I made a joke), but unlike the
Administration he promised, he is quite transparent, albeit unwittingly.

How stupid does he think we are, or how presumptuous is he, when  he tells us what to do or not to do regarding the cautions that we could  be in danger of an overreaching government. This is classic con man  strategy, disarming his mark before the strike.

The Left has been smart enough for these last forty years to manipulate  us, and popular opinion in order to put Obama in place in the White  House using these tactics.

Meanwhile, Conservatives have just  been going to work every day with their minds on personal survival and  success. All the while these Radicals have been following Alinsky’s  Rules to take over the nation.

If you read the history and  relationships of all the people in power and position of the current  Administration, and take note of who is no longer in their positions, it becomes obvious that there has already been a complete change in  the ideology that guides our nation or at least the leadership level,  where it counts most. And the leadership is finding every way it can to  circumvent the protections of the Constitution.

Obama’s time  and terms will soon be up and it will be interesting to see what  measures he and his mob will to retain control. Look for radical, maybe  even violent, things to happen. Make a note, here and now, on your  calendar that Obama will push through and sign the UN Arms Trade and  Treaty Agreement (ATT).  Then the Senate will not do their duty to  reject it because Harry Reid will not bring it up for a vote. It will  then automatically go into effect.

The ATT voluntarily  subordinates our Constitution to the rule of the UN and we will have  lost our Constitutional rights and sovereignty as a nation. Folks, do you think this sound radical?  Do you think this is not the  conspiracy that Obama is telling us does not exist? Do you think this is  too big and cannot happen, not here, not in America? THINK AGAIN! It is  big and it is happening.

If Obama signs this ATT, there is  nothing legally or constitutionally that can do to change it. If he does  NOT sign it, our struggle goes on. If he does sign it, the nature of our struggle changes and goes on; there will no longer be a viable,  legal course of action available through only discourse and debate.

I have more on this, but not here, not now.  Suffice it to add, as we  get closer a defining moment and the more I research, the easier it  becomes to project a logical chain of events.  The speculations of a  cataclysmic conflict become a more realistic possibility, even though we  are warned, “You should reject those voices.”

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Stand Down or Bring It On.

We have reached the here-to-fore inconceivable circumstance where the officers and enlisted personnel of the military find their oath of service and allegiance contains self-contradicting elements.  Never before has the Commander in Chief been so diametrically in opposition to the Constitution.  As evidenced by the “Stand Down” order given by the President during the Benghazi crisis the President and the Constitution are in conflict.  Military personnel are also in conflict because they have to make a choice between the two.  Our military is conflicted because we have a President who, whether legally or in spirit, is not an American.  How can we survive with this cancer? 
I am compelled to draw a contrast between two Presidents.  Obama during Benghazi, “Stand down, stand down, stand down.”  Bush at the threats from Saddam, “Bring it on.” 
This is the difference between a hands on American ex-military President and a frigging paper shuffling, community organizing, social worker.  Special emphasis on “frigging.”

Abandoning  our troops in trouble simply does not sit well with Americans who were raised in a land of the free and the home of the brave.  Could it be that we do not have leadership of our own persuasion and upbringing?


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Fox News told to stand down: Obama (video)


Obama hoodieObamas birth certificate has been debated for a while now and here is more proof that this issue will not die. Joe Arpio has led the charge on this refusing to back down, now they have solid proof something is not right. This is a long video (about an hour long), I was watching it when something strange happened that was weird as hell; the video was shut down in midstream.

See if you can watch this video without youtube crashing on your computer, it happened to me and it’s not the first time I have been doing some research when that happened. It was really strange when I was half way through this video the screen went blank, and youtube said it was having technical problems. Although I could still put the mouse on the video bar and see images, but not on the screen, then the whole video…

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Navy forced to hire Atheist Chaplain


navyThe Navy is being pressured to hire a Atheist Chaplain to promote no faith.

This has to be the stupidest thing that I have heard of, but it gets even better.

Protestant Chaplains can only be hired if they are recognized by a religious organization, namely Methodist, Catholic etc… But the Atheist are recognized by – wait for it- the IRS…

It seems the IRS will be more than happy to recognize the Atheist and support them for a position to the military.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Just when you think it can get any weirder the government proves than it can…

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Movie Review: 2016 Obama’s America

This, the second attempt to write my review of 2016 Obama’s America, (2016).  It gets too long, even for me.  Let’s try again.

Love him or hate him, you need to know him.  There is no risk to reading this (or seeing 2016), but there is a risk to not reading it.

I’m still reflecting and am up against a wall.  No doubt, but understandably, my comments will be interpreted as biased, in spite of my conscious effort toward objectivity.

A “MUST SEE” falls short of an accurate characterization, as well as level of recommendation, for 2016.  I fear this recommendation will get lost in the chatter of so many earlier admonishment.  But here is the dilemma, the mainstream media, and even many of the movie ads sections of the newspaper, are not giving this movie the press it deserves.  So, it is up to me, and those like me, as is so often the unwelcome case.

If 2016 was a Left-Wing ideology presentation, viewing it would be mandated.  This movie should be mandated as a civic responsibility.  If you love him or hate him, you need to know him.

Remarkably, and somewhat off-point, it is out grossing the big productions in terms of “per screen” revenues.  Meaning, a butt-load of people are viewing this movie and the statistics on this are incredible.

For brevity’s sake, let me try a bullet point method:

  • Premise: If one (or many)is going to achieve or at least strive for that “Reasonable Society,” it is expeditious to understand the other side’s perspective.  This is not a football game where forceful pounding of an opinion on the other side gains ground.  2016 is not an attack on Obama, it is a definition of how and/or why he is motivated and his agenda.
  • Obama’s practices, policies and actions don’t seem to fit any rational behavior that we understand.  The Right, the Left, and the left-out, Democrats, Republicans and Independents have been scratching their heads.  His actions are not acknowledged by liberals and are given a pass by the Press, but for those who are monitoring life in the Loop, Obama remains an enigma.  Could this be why Hillary said that Obama’s agenda is too socialistic?
  • Consequently, to try to understand what motivates Obama, D’Souza (professor and author of 2016) has taken on the mystery and task of finding an answer.
  • D’Souza’s background mirrors Obama’s background in many ways giving him a unique platform and insight into Obama’s perception of the world and the US.  He gets it when it comes to Anti-colonialism.
  • D’Souza does not question Obama’s citizenship and in fact, he affirms his birth in Hawaii.
  • We, in the US, have little appreciation or even knowledge of Anti-colonialism.  I venture to say that many reading this are going to Google Search right now to find out what it is.  D’Souza and Obama, both grew up under the rule of Colonialist ideology.  In 2016 the case for Anti-colonialism is made in the voice of Obama’s uncle, though it is rejected by D’Souza and embraced by Obama.
  • Anti-colonialism has its points, but they are rather shallow, naïve and, most significantly, without introspect or accepting of one’s own personal responsibility.  There is another side, a positive side, to Colonialism that is rarely conceded.  This realization is better recognized in India than in Kenya, which could explain Obama’s perspective.  I have some other thoughts, but not worthy for this piece.
  • 2016 also presents counter points on itself in the form of comments and criticisms from the Press and some Democrats.  Especially revealing are the comments from Diane Rehm and Joe Biden.  For once, I understand what Biden is trying to say, but he and Rehm have such extreme left hinged imaginations they are not able embrace objectivity.
  • D’Souza makes the case that the Anti-colonialism agenda is Obama’s priority above all other aspects of life.  I would say above life itself.  An Anti-colonial agenda is really the only model that adequately and convincingly explains Obama’s decisions, actions and attitudes.
  • 2016 credits Obama as a quick-study and insightful.  He is not an idiot as he sometimes appears.  He is intelligent and quite shrewd.
  • The fear (at least mine) is that Obama, by following his agenda with blinders on, is sacrificing the American ideal (dream) and way of life, while replacing it with dreams from his father.  In fact, that is part of his agenda.  Let’s make all equal; if we can’t raise them, we lower ourselves.  It is not the American concept of E pluribus Unum, it is the concept of all equal.  All equal leaves out personal responsibility and aspirations for achieving.
  • This is not a part of 2016; it is my Second fear.  Obama’s prioritization of Anti-colonialism has led him to breach and violate numerous Constitutional provisions.  I hope you are not in denial about this fact.  With this kind of record, Obama is no longer an enigma, nor are we in the dark about how far he will go to advance his agenda.  If he chooses to do so, provisions in the Patriot Act and provisions recently added by this administration, will allow Obama to declare a form of national Martial Law.  His administration will be able to deny citizens their citizenship and the due process of law that goes with it.  What does this mean?  Can you say, FEMA camp?


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A Foggy Day in Largo Town.

A fog rolled in off the Gulf and within ten minutes, the scene went from this

to this.

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I disagree!!!  The multi-party concept (more than two) was debunked long ago.  More than two parties fragments the people into ineffective, overly specialized minorities.

Anything more than a two-party system will produce a takeover by a well-organized totalitarian groups.  Please read and understand what happened in 1921 Germany.  It is the same thing all over again.  “Those who do not know (this) history, are doomed to repeat it,” WHO SAID IT?

Please, read this except.

During 1931 and into 1932, Germany’s political crisis deepened. In March 1932 Hitler ran for President against the incumbent President Paul von Hindenburg, polling 30.1% in the first round and 36.8% in the second against Hindenburg’s 49 and 53%. By now the SA had 400,000 members, and its running street battles with the SPD and KPD paramilitaries (who also fought each other) reduced some German cities to combat zones. Paradoxically, although the Nazis were among the main instigators of this disorder, part of Hitler’s appeal to a frightened and demoralised middle class was his promise to restore law and order. Overt antisemitism was played down in official Nazi rhetoric, but was never far from the surface. Germans voted for Hitler primarily because of his promises to revive the economy (by unspecified means), to restore German greatness and overturn the Treaty of Versailles, and to save Germany from communism.

On 20 July 1932, the Prussian government was ousted by a coup—the Preussenschlag, and a few days later at the July 1932 Reichstag election the Nazis made another leap forward, polling 37.4% and becoming the largest party in the Reichstag by a wide margin. Furthermore, the Nazis and the KPD between them won 52% of the vote and a majority of seats. Since both parties opposed the established political system, and neither would join or support any ministry, this made the formation of a majority government impossible. The result was weak ministries governing by decree. Under Comintern directives, the KPD maintained its policy of treating the SPD as the main enemy, calling them “social fascists“, thereby splintering opposition to the Nazis.[58] Later, both the SPD and the KPD accused each other of having facilitated Hitler’s rise to power by their unwillingness to compromise.

There is a solution, get off your backsides and get involved in transforming the party that is already most closely aligned with your own ideology.  I don’t care if it is Right or Left.  Then, work, work, work, to decentralized government.  We cannot have our freedoms taken or be oppressed by a totalitarian state like the one that existed in Germany if we do not allow there to be an overly empowered central government.

Remember, the bigger the government, the smaller the people. This is not just some ideological platitude or mere rhetoric.

Keep governance local, we don’t need snow plows in Miami or surfboards in Denver.  The locals know what is best for the locals.

At this very point in time the Federal (Central) Government is transitioning into an all-powerful authority, while State’s rights are diminishing.  Your rights are next.   We need to understand the issues and pull our collective heads out of that comfortable place where the sun don’t shine.


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Heard on the Street

Sorry that I had to borrow this old title from the Wall Street Journal, but it is more of a reality than it is a heading for a routine column.

I heard that Obama saved (nationalized) GM last year.  Today, GM’s debt has increased by 24 billion dollars.  Aren’t we glad that as taxpayers we now own this company.  We are each now on the hook for another $83,333 dollars.  You can just deduct this from your next net worth calculation.

But, the good news is that we have created jobs because the government is funding GM’s new manufacturing facilities being constructed in China.  Oh, you didn’t know.  It’s okay, they are Chinese jobs, because we don’t need no stinking jobs here in America.  We got aid.


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“It” Does Not Matter

I am tempted to over simplify things with, “It does not matter who wins the election.”  Of course this has a certain amount of shock value.  How could anyone on either side say such a thing?  Maybe it may be said because it is true, but in it present form it makes and assumption and consequently lacks clarity and is controversial if not confrontational.

Here is the clarification.  It is kind of like Clinton said, to paraphrase, “It depends upon what your definition of ‘it’ is.”  Democrats never cease to provide us with a new and amusing way of distorting reality.  In this case, I mean that “it” means something in terms of eternal issues and the matters of our character and soul.

Certainly, how we will live our lives and what opportunities we will have or have not, will depend on who wins the election.  Although my personal persuasion is that the country is head for a different kind of big trouble if Obama is elected than the kind of big trouble it is headed for if Romney is elected.  Oh, don’t misunderstand.  I think Romney will be better for the country as a whole and on the long-term than Obama.  This is really quite clear, but the pit is so deep now that it is not going to take years to dig out; it is going to take generations.

This brings me back on point.  If one has any concept of a Superior Being he surely must recognize that this Being has a purpose for human existence.  I am not sure we completely understand what that purpose is, but certainly, this Being is not just whimsical, or capricious.  Although, it is obvious the Being has a sense of humor.  The Being, by definition of what it means to be God, must have a purpose and by definition, must be in control in some ultimate way.

Let’s also make the premise that, since we exist, we are part of that purpose and that he is using our time in this physical dimension to conform us into what ever it is that he wants us to be.  Admittedly, that premise requires some assumptions, but if we are ever going to get to the end of this article we must make some assumptions for expediency.

My point is that we are here and that no matter what happens, the things that do happen are all meant to bring us to a pre-calculated destination in terms of our character, emotions and intellect.

We know from the evidence left by the Being, that we are created in his image.  That does not mean we look like him.   He does not have arms or legs, but he is not handicapped.  He is a Spirit.

We are like him in three ways, one He and we have intellect.  We can reason.  He and we have emotions, we can feel sadness and joy and maybe regret.  But, all these are balanced by the third element, character.

God gives us our intellect to use to control our emotions and our character to respond and create in a way that is consistent with His order.

From my perspective, I see the next election as a turning point in history by which man will be purified one way or another.  He will either be purified by revelation and a change in consciousness (there is a lot of talk about “consciousness” these days) or he will be purified by tribulation.

“Consciousness,” as it is being used, is really nothing more than change, or turning from one awareness to another.  Many think this is a new understanding by mankind.  But it is not new, it used to be called “repentance.”

If by tribulation, it may very well be the Great Tribulation.  While not all the pieces are in place they are certainly on the table and could come together quickly.

From my perspective one thing is certain, we will get the government, leadership and destiny we deserve.

Should I close with, “Good luck,” or “Bring it on?”


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Biden Bafooning Again

Bafooning is just more lying.

The proposal to give younger people more choices does not mean taking Medicare away, the lie told by Biden on August 14, 2012.

Medicare is in trouble and will be bankrupt in a dozen years; taking 750 billion out of it to fund Obama Care only hastens its collapse.

Romney never said he was going to remove banking regulations which is the bold-faced lie that Biden told on August 14, 2012.

Biden also made a race based comment in an offensive manner when he said, and I quote, “They (Romney and Paul) want to put y’all back in chains.”  Are you kidding me?  How does this jackass get away with this and the media not smack him down?  What a double standard, double-dealing bunch of hypocrites and jackass they are.

The bottom line, as usual, is that Democrats and the Left just straight-out lying all the time.  They lie and want to limit free speech because they can’t win an honest argument.  They want us to focus on defending false accusations because they can’t tell the truth or their game will be up.  We are being lied to and they continue to do it because they think we are stupid; they think if they tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.

The only question is, “Are they right about it?”  Are we that stupid?

I am not so naïve to think that the Right does not exaggerate their points and are disingenuous on some things, as is always the case in politics, but now, in the present day, the Democrats are exceedingly much, much, worse and that is no exaggeration.  Actually, Democrats are not exaggerating; they are just flat-out lying and grossly misrepresenting the truth.  Why? Because, they can’t win if the truth gets out.  I am repeating myself, but if a lie bears repeating the truth needs to be repeated as well.


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